Super-versatile outdoor structure building systems

  • Profile Structures
      Fence building structural profiles 4

      Patented and structural stamped engineered aluminum profiles

      P90 Profile (3.5”x 3.5”)
      Maximum strength

      The P90 profile is ideal for supporting large loads such as metal roofs and is suitable for any application due to its strength and stability.

      P60 Profile (2 23/64″ x 2 23/64″)
      Visually Discreet

      The slimmer P60 profile is perfect if you desire a more visually discreet profile. This profile is usually used for lightweight applications including fences, railing or small screens. You can also combine this profile with the P90 profile if you need stronger structures such as gates.

      P40 Profile (1 37/64″ x 1 37/64″)
      Reduced to the essentials

      The P40 profile retains the quality and functionality of its bigger brothers, but in a more economical size. It is ideal for smaller fences and railings, up to 150cm (59 inches) tall.

      PA Profile (7/32” x 7/32”)
      Versatile connector

      The PA profile was developed as a connector. It gives you the flexibility to connect panels directly to a wall, or other surface.


      – The central hole of the profiles are spacious enough to accommodate cables or water lines.

  • Panels
  • Design Panels

      UniqueMo offers over 150 different design panels. We will select patterns according to our clients’ project requirements. Our panelization experts can customize any design or size for your project, art piece or subtle accent.

      We work with the finest materials including aluminum, aluminlite, corten steel, stainless steel and many composites such as Corian. You are encouraged to mix and match different materials within the same structure to create your own unique look.

  • Your Own Panels
      UniqueMo can accommodate panel materials between 1/8” and approx. 13/16” allowing you to use your own panels, or choose from our large selection of standard panels. You can also mix and match different materials within the same structure to create your own unique look.

      – Our standard aluminum panels – smooth or textured, rhombus, louvre panels
      – Laser cut Acrylic or aluminum panels in various colours and dimensions
      – Glass
      – Wood
      – Stainless steel