Privacy & Decorative Screens

Privacy & decorative screens

Privacy and decorative screens are similar in configuration to fences, but primarily used to create privacy, rather than to create a perimeter. Because of its nature and strength, dimensional requirements, commonly smaller sized diameter structural profiles are used.

Common uses include:

  • Creating privacy in backyards with close neighbours.
  • Creating private restaurant patios.
  • Blocking view of unsightly things such as dumpsters, air conditioning units, and pool pumps.
  • Dividing common areas, such as shared balconies.
  • Creating defined areas in an outdoor living space.


  • Fully modular; can be free-standing or tied into a fence or other structure.
  • Match the style with your fencing or other structures.
  • Can be removed seasonally and the panels can be changed easily; great for advertisements and promotions.
  • Tie artistic panels and other artwork into your structure.
  • Accommodates panel thicknesses from 3 – 21 mm (1/8″ – approx. 3/4”).
  • Integrated LED lighting is available.

*Many municipalities allow privacy screens that are significantly higher than fencing, offering you much greater privacy than a fence alone. Please check your local by-laws for your applicable laws.